SP Champions League Rules as of 05 February, 2007:

Schedule for Fifth Edition:

1st round will start on 10 and 11 February 2007 (two legs)
2nd round will be played on 17 and 18 February 2007 (two legs)

Group Play: 1st round will have 2 games per team and will be played on 24 and 25 February 2007
Group Play: 2nd round will have 2 games per team and will be played on 3 and 4 March 2007
Group Play: 3rd round will have 2 games per team and will be played on 10 and 11 March 2007

The first game of the quarter finals will be played on 17 March 2007
The return of the quarter finals will be played on 24 March 2007

The semi-finals and finals will be played as a Friendly Cup. Invitations are send to the 4 teams on Wednesday 28 March 2007.

Netherland: 15 teams
Belgium: 14 teams
Portugal: 8 teams
Romania: 8 teams
Lithuania: 8 teams
Poland: 3 teams
Czech Republic: 3 teams
Rest of the World
- Bulgary: CkoTeBo
- Estonia: FC Kama
- Maleysia: Kz Legacy
- United States: Gondor FC
- Israel: Maccbi Natanya

Champions League Rules

o General Rules
o Teams Distribution
o Country Allocation
o National Coordinator responsibilities

o General rules

A country or region (in the same geographical area) may request to join the SP CL as long as that country has nominated a National Coordinator and has at least 3 teams playing in the 3 top-divisions of SoccerProject. Important: teams that play in division C during the qualification round may participate in the CL even if they relegate.

Every country plays a National Cup to determine which teams will participate in the CL. The National Coordinator chooses the rules (format, schedule, prizes) for the National Cup.

During the CL, all games will be friendly games. Always invite your opponent as soon as possible. Games are played during the weekend and have to be arranged before Friday evening. Any team not sending an invitation by the correct date or not accepting the invitation, get forfeited. No exceptions!

The SP CL Administrator shall insure that the schedule and results are updated promptly. The schedule for the next weekend’s matches will be posted no later than 00.00h the Tuesday before.

64 teams play in the CL. The first and second round are knock-out rounds with a home game and a return. The 16 remaining teams move on to the group stage where they are divided in 4 groups of 4 teams. They play each team twice and the first two of each group qualify for the quarter finals.

From the semi-finals on, the CL is played as a Friendly Cup. The 4 teams will receive an invitation on Wednesday after the return of the quarter finals.

In the event of a playoff tie (sum of goals scored), the team with highest away goals wins. When both teams score equal away-goals, a replay is played on Wednesday. If this game ends in a draw, the team with the lowest coefficient moves on.
Example: team A plays at home vs team B. The score is 4 - 4. The return: team A plays away at Team B and the Score is 1 - 1. Since team B has scored the highest away goals, Team B moves on.

The number of teams playing in the CL per country is calculated on the results of the previous edition. (See Teams Distribution)

SP CL points are awarded as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 points for a draw. Forfeits result in a 5-0 win for the other team. If both teams forfeit the result is a 0-0 draw. In the next round the highest seed receives a bye.

The Winner of the prior SP CL will get the top seed for the next SP CL. The other seeds will go to the winners of the National Cups. The seed they get depends on their coefficient.

o Teams Distribution

The minimum number of teams represented by a country in the SP CL shall be 3 regardless of their previous season country coefficient. All new countries will get 3 teams in their initial season regardless of the number of teams that country has registered in Soccer Project.

Besides that, there are also bonus points. For every round you survive you receive some bonus points:
Reaching Group Play = 1 point
Reaching the Quarter Finals = 2 points
Reaching the Semi Finals = 3 points
3rd place = 4 points
2nd place = 5 points
1st pace = 10 points

Bonus points are not accumulated so the maximum a team can earn is 10.

The Country Coefficient will be used to determine the seeding of the national cup winners for next season. If the previous SP CL winner is from the same country that also has the highest country coefficient, that country will occupy the top 2 seeds. Other seeds are calculated based on a formula*.

o Country allocation:

Allocation of teams for the next SP CL will be based on Country Coefficients. The Coefficient is calculated by dividing totals points accumulated by each countries teams. For example, The 4 Czech teams get 3, 9, 12, & 15 points respectively totaling 39 points. 39 divided by 4 = 9.75.

After it is determined how many countries will be represented in the SP CL the country coefficient will be applied to determine the division of teams. For example, say there are 10 countries participating with each country guaranteed 3 teams, 30 teams are guaranteed entry. Any current country not receiving more than a 1.0 country coefficient will only receive the minimum 3 teams. The remaining 34 teams are based on percentage of the country coefficient**.

o National Coordinator responsibilities:

● The National Coordinators are responsible for insuring that all of their countries matches are played according to the rules.
● The National Coordinator chooses the rules (format, schedule, prizes) for the National Cup.
● The National Coordinators shall provide each of the teams names, manager names, their manager points, team division, and position as of 3rd February (CL V) to the SP CL administrator in order to establish seeding. In preference, this is posted on the FIFA-forum.
● The National Coordinators must report all matches by the day after the matches are played to the SP CL administrator. This to insure the integrity of the league. If a national Coordinator does not post his teams’ match scores, those teams will forfeit regardless if they won their matches.

All National Cups play must be finished within 2 months of the conclusion of the SP CL. The next SP CL will start the 1st week of the season. Therefore, Season 5 of the SP CL will start on *************. The finals of the next National Cups must be completed by *************

* Seeds 10 - 64 will be calculated using the following formula based on Division, Position, and manager ranking points: RT=(16*(8-X))+(16-Y)+Z/30
RT – rating
X – team division (A=1; B=2; C=3; …; H=8)
Y – team position in division
Z – SP manager ranking points

If you want a clear and specified explanation, you can take a look at this file in pdf-format.


For new countries participating in the SP CL, their national cup winner seeding will be based on their team coefficient after countries that have previously participated in the SP CL.
For example, Germany and France enter next years SP CL, Germany's national cup winner has a team coefficient of 35 and France has a team coefficient of 27. Germany's national cup winner would be seeded ahead of France but not before national cup winners that previously participated in the SP CL.

** After the fixed number of teams (3 per country) is determined, the other CL-teams are divided as follows: Say Belgium, Holland, Portugal, and Lithuania all have a country coefficient greater than 1 and are broken down as follows; Belgium cc=10, Holland cc=7.5, Portugal cc=7.5, Lithuania cc= 5. Belgium would get 11 more teams, Portugal and Holland would get 8 more teams a piece and Lithuania would get 7 more teams based on the percentage of difference between the country coefficients split between 34 teams.