Countries and Coordinators

In the coming  SPUEFA season will participate these countries:
Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland

All the listed countries have their coordinators to organise qualification for their country clubs.

Manager Function
El stino, kvk dries SPUEFA Organisers, Belgian coordinators
opateam Site administration, Lithuanian coordinator
Remis, Vaciux Past organisers, Lithuanian coordinators (future tournaments)
Cicco Past Organiser
Silverblast, tranecid, jimman23,krcgenk Belgian coordinators
nasko Bulgarian coordinators
Foxir Czech Coordinator
Slivijoca, Leendert Dutch coordinators
elari Estonian coordinator
SauRoN Greek coordinator
Plauri Italian Coordinator
Pearljammer Polish Coordinator
jaluis, JoaoH, Nespereira, PortPires Portugese coordinators
Unicool (Cyollo) Romanian communicator
Daniy_EL, Good Thor, aciduzzo, Budist Romanian coordinators
Gustaav Slovakian coordinator
Diebro69, jcsma Spanish coordinators
Ilbay Turkish Coordinator
Robborover, modes98 United Kingdom coordinators

If your country is not listed and you would like to coordinate qualification matches for your country, please apply here.